Just for you... A FREE MEAL. The Ultimate Customer Appreciation Program.

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MEALforME offers your choice of a FREE restaurant gift card* or a set dollar amount to spend on menu items you want added to your order.Simply order the specified minimum food total from any participating restaurant and you’ll be immediately rewarded before checking out, with a credited dollar amount to select your menu items or the selected restaurant gift card in your shopping cart.

Enjoy these great benefits:

Don't Skip Lunch.

How often do you have to spend your lunch time prepping, setting up and watching the people eating food that you ordered? Now with MEALforME, you can enjoy your own meal, in between your trips back and forth from the set up to clean up.

Whatever You Want.

Sometimes groups can be very picky with the type of food or specific restaurant they ask you to order from. When that request doesn't match your tastes, use the MEALforME program to custom order your very own meal, just the way you like it.

No More Digging Through Leftovers.

Eating the picked through leftovers from other peoples meetings is nice...but wouldn't you rather have a fresh, unopened meal just for you to enjoy? Ok, I guess it’s just me then.

Appreciate the Individuals.

Not super hungry today? Perhaps you are already included in the people eating the buffet style catering. Why not use your MEALforME item to show some appreciation to a special client, doctor, CEO or other executive with their own perfect meal! If nothing else, grab something for the vegetarian that can't eat the half tray veggie item you ordered by themselves.

Get your meal whenever you want it.

Sometimes you don't need an extra meal at the time of your order. So, we made it easy, now when you order from participating restaurants, you can choose between getting your free meal the same day with your order or get a restaurant gift card to use any time. It's your choice.

*Participating restaurants may vary by region.